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How I Help

I utilizes various therapeutic methods, such as Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Client-Centered Therapy. These approaches help clients process emotions, heal from trauma, and develop healthier relationships and coping mechanisms.

Somatic therapy integrates mind and body, addressing emotional pain and trauma through bodily sensations. It fosters healing and resilience by exploring movements and gestures. In my practice, somatic therapy helps clients reconnect with their bodies and process past experiences for overall well-being.

EMDR aids trauma processing through bilateral stimulation. It reduces symptoms by guiding attention to distressing memories. In my practice, EMDR offers transformation and healing from trauma, anxiety, and emotional disturbances.


Experiential therapy promotes insight and emotional processing through direct experiences. It offers opportunities for profound understanding and growth. In my practice, Experiential Therapy facilitates self-discovery, healing, and authentic living through immersive exploration.

IFS therapy views the mind as a complex system of sub-personalities. Clients learn to identify and harmonize with these parts, fostering self-awareness and healing. It's transformative, uncovering conflicts and promoting inner balance and integration in my practice.

Family Systems

Family Systems Therapy examines family dynamics to address relational conflicts. It fosters healthier relationships and positive changes within the family unit. In my practice, it provides insight, empathy, and harmony within family relationships.

Client Centred

Client-centered therapy provides a nurturing space for clients to explore their experiences and build resilience. It fosters self-compassion and authenticity through empathy and unconditional positive regard. In my practice, Client-Centered Therapy empowers clients to navigate challenges and cultivate personal growth.

EFT emphasizes emotions' role in psychological health. Through empathetic exploration, clients develop emotional awareness and healthier coping strategies. In my practice, EFT offers transformation by understanding and transforming emotional experiences for deeper connections.


Humanistic therapy emphasizes self-awareness, personal growth, and fulfillment. It fosters authenticity and empowerment through empathy and unconditional positive regard. In my practice, Humanistic Therapy nurtures self-discovery and transformation towards a more fulfilling life.


Relational psychology explores interpersonal dynamics and utilizes the therapeutic relationship with the counselor for healing and growth. In my practice, it offers insight and empathy to navigate relational challenges and cultivate healthier connections within oneself and with others.

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